23 novembro, 2009

Just about love... A (our) kind of ... love!

I really don't love you!

I love the way you make me love you!

I love what you make me feel about love...
I love the love I feel (the love that I felt?) for you!

Is this love?
Ohhh yes.
Because of you.
And... because... of myself.

Everything we had is mine.
Everything I lost is mine.
What is yours?
My love until the end of the time?

Forever is a long time... my dear

Now you are a sphinx with(out) mysteries

So... I'M OPENING MY WINGS... again!

I will love you... ever.
So far, so close!
So far... from me.

So close of who?

You have been always and all-ways
so far and so close...

But for now I have only... memories...
of love.

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